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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Google Maps Update

For an occupation that is heavily dependent upon locations, Google's latest Maps update provides additional ways to identify addresses and track incidents for public safety dispatchers.  The update rolled out generally back in July of 2013, and improves on the standard Maps features of showing street maps and satellite images for almost every point in the United States.  The street maps have been re-colored and given a cleaner look, and the typography has been simplified.  Searching is much easier now -- you don't even need to press the Return key to begin a search.  Instead, Maps will immediately start moving the map view to the location you've typed into the search box.  Once you're centered on a region, you can determine a specific address simply by clicking on a building outline (map view) or image (satellite view).  The exact address is instantly displayed.   You can now quickly view the Streetview version of a specific location with a single click (previously it took 3 clicks).  And Maps now displays live traffic congestion on the roadways for many urban areas, and traffic incidents are displayed as icons (click for information).

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