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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Bulletin Board - Twitter Alert System

Taken from Emergency Management Magazine, November/December 2013

Twitter is rolling out a new feature that will allow users to get emergency information directly from vetted, credible organizations.  The system, called Twitter Alerts, will deliver tweets marked as an alert by approved organizations through the traditional timeline feed and via SMS to a user's cellphone.  In addition, users who have the Twitter app for iPhone or Android will receive a push notification with the alert information.

The new system was announced on Sept. 25, and mimics a similar feature that helps Japanese users find emergency Twitter accounts during times of crisis.

The alerts feature is to be used for "warnings for imminent dangers, preventive instructions, evacuation directions, urgent safety alerts, information on access to essential resources, information on critical transit and utility outages, and crowd and misinformation  management."  Twitter Alerts will be indicated by an orange bell, and approved accounts show the bell alongside the text: "In times of crisis, this account helps share critical information with Twitter Alerts. Be prepared."

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