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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Mourning Our Fallen Comrades With The Black Band

In the span of eight days, the state of Indiana lost three law enforcement officers in the line of duty.

Tipton County Deputy Jacob Calvin was killed in a single vehicle crash on June 28th, Indianapolis Officer Perry Renn was killed during a shootout with a suspet on July 5th, and Gary Police Officer Jeffrey Westerfield was killed during an ambush while he sat in his cruiser on July 6th.

In response to the tragedies, Indianapolis Police Officer Jeff Webb wrote a poem lamenting the loss of his comrades as departments across the state come to grips with the tragic loss of all three men.

Below is the poem in its entirety.

I'm sick of putting this band on my badge
Of seeing another brother fall.
Of seeing another sister laid out
Upon an alter before us all.
Of seeing another family sit,
While they receive a folded flag.
And know of the crushing loss they feel,
As you can see their shoulders sag.
Then I remember what this band means,
Recalling the fallen who've gone before.
Who gave everything they had,
To honor the badges that they wore.
By protecting the public from evil that lurks
In the dark recesses of society's mind,
By being the last bastion of defense.
By being the honored thin blue line.

Written by Officer Jeffrey P. Webb
Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department
July 7, 2014

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